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Before I moved into screenwriting, I crafted plays for the stage. Eighteen short works in all and one full length work. I lost interest in long format and moved into short works.  Here is where I (upon occasion) display my brand of humor. It is mostly absurdist. Themes lean toward the religious and how they intersect with what individuals believe in terms of icons. There is also a sense of anger at Samuel Beckett whose work annoys me. Yet, during my time as an active playwright, I was told my absurdist nature was reminiscent of him. 


I was never sure whether to take offense.


All works have been produced. Contact me with questions regarding this sampling of plays.

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God is...

Smacking Samuel


The Rise & Fall

and Life & Death

of Theatre in the Western World as We Know It



Philosophical Comedy

Short, Comedy


Absurdist Comedy



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  • Anthony Clark Vines

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