The following heralds the coming of a short that was filmed in late summer of 2019 and is currently in post production. It marks the twentieth short that I have made. I have also directed two features, one receiving limit overseas distribution. Of my short films, I am proud to say that one - Vulnerability - appeared at the inaugural even for the Sidewalk Film Festival in my hometown of Birmingham, Al.


As with writing, I love the filmmaking process. However, much in the vein of one of my directing idols - Alfred Hitchcock - I find the fun to be in the pre and the post production phases. The directing, while still fun, is where the stress lies.



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In post - production.

A Comedy of Eros

A short film by Anthony Clark Vines

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The following represents one of the two features I directed. Filmed in 1997, as the title suggests, it was a modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. In this version, Julia (female) rises through the ranks of corporate Rome only to meet her end at the hands of Brutus and his supporters to halt a takeover. The film achieved minor success in Germany, appearing in several festivals and airing on television a few years later. The length and subject prevented its success statewide. Though proud of the effort, the result was flawed, a fact that I take to heart. Had we the budget, things might have turned out for the better. 
Below represents the remains of the film. What few copies issued into distribution overseas have disappeared and we lost the ones held stateside to a fire and the production company dissolving. Still, I hope to find a copy one day in some dark garage sale bin or thrift story. One never knows. Until then, these few photos are all that remain of one proud, if not flawed, moment in my filmmaking career. These and the brief article written on it during its production.
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These are the posters for three short works made for courses and festivals. "Future Tense" and "Separation Anxiety" were made for the former, with "Cringe" being made as a joint project for Sidewalk Film Festival's 48 hour film festival. The former two I made almost solo, meaning produced/directed/wrote/edited/acted in. (Short links coming soon)
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"Future Tense" is an example of a short film produced for a course assignment (Media Expressions) for my MA in communications/Film & Video Production. This was the first assignment, and I cannot express how difficult and rewarding the exercise proved to be. 
The assignment called for strict adherence to some strict rules of engagement:
  1. Use one of the Panasonic P-1 cameras. 
  2. Once the tape entered the camera, no removing it until the project concluded (The instructor placed the tape in the camera himself and then placed tape over the magazine holder. He then signed his name across the tape to ensure it remained in the device). 
  3. Do everything in camera; all edits and all mixing. 
  4. Include one major special effect (my choice is obvious). 
  5. Write, direct, edit, and act yourself. 
  6. Only one assistant. 
  7. It must have a soundtrack, title, and credits. 
  8. Make a poster for the work. 
  9. Once done and viewed in class, go back and create a 30 second or less version of the first film. The idea may change a slight amount, but the basic theme must remain intact.
  10. Use only on-board recording device.  ​
  11. Three days to complete. From Friday until the following Monday to complete it all. That is it. ​
Overall, I liked the exercise and can live with the results. I made mistakes. But it was a learning exercise. This present capture’s rendering proved limited. Another lesson learned. Also, choose what you show for a reason. Last, continuity. All important. But above all, it taught me more about screenwriting than filmmaking. Few scenes, less problems. 
Someday I would like to recreate the course for another institution where I am employed. Again, I say without hesitation that I learned more in this one course than I learned in any other. I also made an ‘A’ on the assignment.
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