Novels & Children's Works

Mystery Novels

The following are four in a series of mystery novels I have written under the pseudonym of Kee Patterbee.  The protagonist, Hannah Starvling, is a former FBI agent turned private investigator. Her cases fall somewhere between lighthearted adventures to later, dark, paranormal investigations. As a character, she is evolving. And like the character, my ability to write has evolved as evidenced. Though I am proud of all the books, the last - Deadly Eyes – best represents my slow turn toward darker material. It is also the one I am most proud to call my own.

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Children's Story Book

The following covers for two different of a series of children’s books written under the pseudonym of Harry Barker. The first is (obviously) an ABC reader but told centered on baseball. The second story tells of a child’s confusion over growing older and his journey to figure out what that means. It shows my more sentimental side and found inspiration from a nephew’s continual and insistent questioning. 

*Current contractual obligations prevent further sample pages for these particular works.

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H A R R Y   B A R K E R

* Currently unavailable.